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Terra Ring

New Posts Gangster Earth
For whatever reason, gangs on this version of Earth always manage to become top dogs in whatever city they decide to take root in. Of course, they are always at constant war with each other, and are deposed as often as governments and monarchies of ages past; however, a few legendary gangs and gangsters manage to actually establish order where there is none, and bring prosperity to cities that might not otherwise find it.
Stranger Danger Jul 29 2018, 05:40 PM, By Laegrinna
Topics: 103 Replies: 1,470
New Posts Infected Earth
Infected Earth
This rendition of Earth is quite close to our own, with one key difference - zombies. Several of the world's pharmaceutical companies - most notable the Umbrella Corporation - discovered and engineered various strains of viruses which eventually mutated into a form which brought the dead back to life... and then some. Now, outbreaks across the world are common, especially after the fateful Raccoon City incident, and new strains appear on an almost yearly basis.
Rumination on a hero's nature. Aug 13 2018, 11:43 AM, By Artoria (Lancer Alter)
Topics: 65 Replies: 1,001
New Posts Patriot Earth
Patriot Earth
A world where the military-industrial complex became the one thing keeping the world's economy going, and secret military and terrorist organizations began and executed plots in order to essentially put the world in a state of permanent war. Perpetual war economy scientific breakthroughs led to the invention of nano-machines, cybernetics, and the proliferation of cloning and super soldier projects. Giant mechs - also known as Metal Gears - are also commonplace.
Chaldea R&D Yesterday, 2:13 AM, By Iji Kataiser
Topics: 92 Replies: 1,249
New Posts The Wasteland
Wasteland Earth
A world like ours, only it diverged shortly after World War II and never looked back. Geopolitics and warfare progressed quite a bit differently than our own world, and eventually a nuclear war took place - also known as The Great War - which eventually led the world into an apocalyptic nuclear winter. Much of the world is now barren, much of the world's population is dead, irradiated, or even mutated, and all of the most populated areas are now nothing but Wasteland.
Tomb Kings and the Texas Takedown.(Open) Today, 8:00 AM, By Ahmose
Topics: 100 Replies: 1,338

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