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Cartoon Decades Forum - the rules!
Welcome to the Cartoon Decades forum!

Please follow these rules accordingly, or face the consequences... New rules may be added in the future, so please keep up to date!
Last updated: 2nd November 06 : Rule #8 added, rule #3 amended, rule#5 amended.

1. As this site is for all ages, we cannot condone the posting of any pornographic material, links to pornographic material or the like. Cuss words are not allowed.

2. The posting of any type of abusive, hateful, vulgar, fraudulent, threatening, harassing or defamatory material will not be tolerated. Openly verbal attacks on any members, the board, admin or the moderators will be deleted immediately. If you ever have a problem with another member or mod, PMing admin (or a moderator) is the correct action that should be taken.

3. Please, do not post in all capital letters - this is considered shouting and is annoying. Please also do not use large fonts. Also please refrain from using text-speak, as many people find this difficult and annoying to read. A warning will be given if you do. As this site has an international membership base, harassing anyone about his or her spelling just isn't nice and will not be tolerated. Please remember that different cultures have different ways of expressing themselves, so please respect that.

4. Off topic chatting within subject threads will not be tolerated - the chat thread is there for a reason, and excessive chat is greatly off-putting to new members and guests. Any irrelevance, no matter how small, will be deemed as abuse and be deleted to keep the subject flow.

5. Could members please keep their signatures at a minimum of 150 characters with a small font, anything bigger looks unsightly and distracting to other members. Signatures must not contain inappropriate language or links. Images within signatures must be no bigger than 300 x 60 pixels. I'd appreciate your co-operation with this. Any signatures unchanged will be edited/deleted by admin.

6. Posts from anyone that appear to be advertising a website/product in competition with 80s Cartoons will be deleted. Unsuitable/adult website links may also be deleted.

7. Any guest who make a substantial amount of posts will be required to register as an official member. This is for the safety and security of other members.

8. Regarding the youtube.com topic - please do not post any video that is inappropriate for this family orientated forum. Warnings will be issued, users may be banned, and posts removed if this rule is not obeyed.